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Journal Article


Signal, Image and Video Processing, Volume 8, Number 2, p.317–326 (2014)



Hexagonal image processing Hex-Gabor filterImage enhancementInterpolation


About 97{%} receptive field of the neurons is very closely described as 2D Gabor wavelet and it is mostly suitable for vision system modeling. Immense work is available on texture information, especially for rectangular structures. However, there is a little work in recognizing minute details in an image on hexagonal structure by either interpolation or enhancement. In this work, the two important operations of biological visual system such as enhancement and interpolation are performed using the Hex-Gabor process. It is possible to obtain an error-free image at sigma = 2/pi using the proposed Hex-Gabor process and the significance of this sigma value is proved. For the performance analysis standard reflected images and X-ray images are considered.

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S. Veni and Narayanankutty, K. A., “Vision-based hexagonal image processing using Hex-Gabor”, Signal, Image and Video Processing, vol. 8, pp. 317–326, 2014.