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Design of area and power efficient Radix-4 DIT FFT butterfly unit using floating point fused arithmetic

Authors : Dr. Prabhu E., Mangalam, H.; Karthick, S.

Publisher :Journal of Central South University, Central South University of Technology

Deep rectified system for high-speed tracking in images

Authors : Dr. Sowmya V., Dr. Soman K. P., V. S. Mohan, Vinayakumar, R.

Publisher :IOS Press

SMEs of India: Challenges and Opportunities

Authors : Dr. Hemamala K.

Publisher :SIEMA, Monthly Magazine

Design of a Low Cost RGB Color Sensor for Rural Health Care Applications

Authors : Prof. Dr. Prema Nedungadi, H. Venugopal, Gutjahr, G

Publisher :Journal of Low Power Electronics.

Thermal-Noise-Canceling Switched-Capacitor Circuit

Authors : Dr. Bibhu Datta Sahoo, Inamdar, A.b

Publisher :IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.,

Rural Health in Digital India: Interactive Simulations for Community Health Workers

Authors : Prof. Dr. Prema Nedungadi, Prof. Raghu Raman, Asish Mohan, Romita Jinachandran

Publisher :2019 IEEE Tenth International Conference on Technology for Education (T4E).

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