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GURLS vs LIBSVM: Performance Comparison of Kernel Methods for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Authors : Dr. Sowmya V., Dr. Soman K. P., Haridas, Nikhila

Publisher :Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Grinding kinetics, modeling, and subsieve morphology of ball mill grinding for cement industry ingredients

Authors : Dr. Krishna Prasad R., Sridhar C.S.; Sankar P.S.;

Publisher :Particulate Science and Technology

Grid Connected Three Phase Six Level Inverter for Renewable Energy Applications

Authors : Dr. Sindhu Thampatty K. C., Dr. R. Mahalakshmi

Publisher :International Conference on SMART GRID Technologies ICSGT 2015

Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic System with Shunt Active Filtering Capability Under Transient Load Conditions

Authors : Dr. Manjula G. Nair, L. S. Stanly, Divya, R

Publisher :Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy, TAP Energy 2015

Graphene oxide nanoflakes incorporated gelatin–hydroxyapatite scaffolds enhance osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Authors : Dr. Manitha B. Nair, Prof. Shantikumar Nair, D Nancy; Amit G Krishnan; G S Anjusree; Sajini Vadukumpully; Shantikumar V Nair

Publisher :Nanotechnology

GPS and GSM Toll Collection System (GGTCS) for Indian Toll Booths

Authors : Dr. Venkataraman D., Harinarayanan, S., Vinay, N., Tallam, V., and Reddy, S. Teja

Publisher :International Journal of applied Engineering Research

Genetic Algorithm Tuned Load Frequency Control of Multi Source Multi Area Hydro Thermal Gas Turbine System

Authors : Dr. Selva kumar S., Dr. Balamurugan S., Joseph Xavier R

Publisher :International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

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