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Is Donors’ Concern About the Fungibility of Foreign Aid Justified?: A Panel Data Analysis

Authors : Dr. Shyam Nath, Sobhee, Sanjeev K;

Publisher :Tennessee State University College of Business

Effect of Chemical Treatment on Tensile Strength and surface roughness of Fused Deposition Modeling Materials

Authors : Jayanth N., Senthil, P

Publisher :International Conference on Manufacturing Technology and Simulation, 2017.

Experimental Investigation on Effect of Process Parameters on Tensile Strength of 3D Printed Poly Lactic Acid Specimens

Authors : Jayanth N., Senthil, P.

Publisher :Proceedings of 6th International & 27th All India Manufacturing Technology,

An Optimized Approach for Solving The 8 Queens Problem Using the Methodology Of Evolutionary Algorithms

Publisher :Proceedings – the 3rd national conference on High Performance Computing

Effect of chemical treatment on tensile strength and surface roughness of 3D-printed ABS using the FDM process

Authors : Jayanth N., Senthil, P.; Prakash, C.

Publisher :Virtual and Physical Prototyping, Taylor and Francis Ltd .

Modeling Of Laser Based Direct Metal Deposition Process

Authors : Jayanth N., Ravi, K. R.

Publisher :International Journal On Engineering Technology and Sciences–IJETSTM,

Object Coding using a Shape Adaptive Wavelet Transform with Scalable WDR Method

Publisher :Image Processing, 2007. ICIP 2007. IEEE International Conference on (Volume:2 )

A review on composite materials and process parameters optimisation for the fused deposition modelling process

Authors : Jayanth N., N. Mohan, Senthil, P., and Vinodh, S.

Publisher :Virtual and Physical Prototyping, Taylor and Francis Ltd.,

Occupational injury surveillance: A study in a metal smelting industry

Publisher :Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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