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Study on Body Shaming In Movies

Authors : Dr. Sreenath Muraleedharan K., Keerthana V.P.

Publisher :International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities (IJELLH)

An Experimental Analysis on Reading historical narrative as literary Artefact: a Metahistorical Analysis of Manu s. Pillai‟s Rebel Sultans

Authors : Dr. Sreenath Muraleedharan K., Raj, R

Publisher :International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

Tackling Supply Chain through High Performance Computing: Opportunities and Challenges

Authors : Dr. Anbuudayasankar S. P., Prashant R. Nair

Publisher :Computer Society of India (CSI) - 2015; CSI - 50th Golden Jubilee Annual Convention.

Life Management: A Play of TIME and Energya Study of Eastern Mysticism in Fritjof Capras Novel the TAO of Physics

Authors : Dr. Sreenath Muraleedharan K., Gopika Narayanan Vasavan.

Publisher :International Journal of Advanced Research (IJAR)

A Conceptual Review on Sheetapitta, Udarda & Kota

Authors : Dr. Durgalakshmi S.

Publisher :Punarnava International Peer reviewed Ayurveda Journal

Robotic Arm Design for Coconut-Tree Climbing Robot

Authors : Dr. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Thejus P; Allan P; Trayesh V; Gokul M

Publisher :International Conference on Applications and Design in Mechanical Engineering (ICADME 2015)

Warfarin Resistance Mechanism & Management

Authors : Roshni P. R., Lakshmi R;Anita S.

Publisher :IJPSR

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