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Recurrent abdominal pain due to Heriditary Angioedema

Authors : Deepa J, Sajitha Nair, T S, Subramanian

Publisher :Indian Journal of Pediatrics

Neutrino phenomenology of very low-energy seesaw scenarios

Authors : Nirmala Vasudevan, André de Gouvêa, James Jenkins

Low temperature neutron diffraction studies showing evidence for charge-exchange-type magnetic ordering in Mn doped SrRuO3

Authors : Karishma Jain, Brajendra Singh, S Sundar Manoharan, RK Sahu, PSR Krishnan, AB Shinde

Publisher :AIP Publishing

Structure and bonding in boron carbide: The invincibility of imperfections

Authors : Pancharatna, P. D.; , Balakrishnarajan, M. M, Hoffmann, R.

Synthesis and Characterization of N-(N-Methylene-3H/alkyl-2, 6-diphenyl piperiden-4-ol) dibenzyl amines

Authors : S Karthikeyan, R Radhamani, P Rakkiyappan, M Jambulingam, J Kiruthika, Asha Sathish

Publisher :Chemic publishing company

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