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Surface Modification of Polyimide by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma for Adhesive Bonding with Titanium and its Application to Aviation and Space

Authors : R. Benedictus, Shantanu Bhowmik, Poulis, J. A, Akram, M

Publisher :Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne

Improvement of the Parameterised Identification Model using Quasi-steady and Non-uniform Inflow Aerodynamic Models

Authors : Dr. Laxman Vaitla, Budiyono, A, Yoon, K. J., Byun, Y. H.

Publisher :International Symposium on Intelligent Unmanned System.

Influence of Dynamic Stall and Dynamic Wake Effects on Helicopter Trim and Rotor Loads

Authors : Dr. Laxman Vaitla, Venkatesan, C.

Publisher :Journal of the American Helicopter Society

Overview of Information Technology Tools for Supply Chain Management

Authors : Prashant R. Nair

Publisher :CSI 2009

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