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Effect of Lithium on the Mechanical Behavior of Magnesium

Authors : Rahulan N, Dr. Sundararaman Gopalan, Kumaran S

Publisher :Materials Today: Proceedings

An Innovative Application for Code Generation of Mathematical Equations and Problem Solving

Authors : Vasudevan, S.K, Prashant R. Nair, Abhishek, S.N., Kumar, V., Aswin, T.S.

Publisher :Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Injectable Angiogenic and Osteogenic Carrageenan Nanocomposite Hydrogel for Bone Tissue Engineering

Authors : Ramanathan Yegappan, Ramanathan Yegappan, Vignesh Selvaprithiviraj, Vignesh Selvaprithiviraj, Sivashanmugam Amirthalingam, Sivashanmugam Amirthalingam, Annapoorna Mohandas, Annapoorna Mohandas, Nathaniel S. Hwang, Nathaniel S. Hwang, Dr. Jayakumar Rangasamy, Dr. Jayakumar Rangasamy

Publisher :International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Semi-Empirical Simulations of Interactions between Edge Functionalized Graphene Oxide and Bisphenol A

Authors : Vinoj Vasu, Murali Rangarajan

Publisher :International Conference on Advanced Materials for Clean Energy and Health Applications (AMCEHA-2019)

Indians’ choice of payment mode(s): A study based on the impact of demonetization

Authors : Moses Jayakumar, H.A., Gupta, D.

Publisher :Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies

Semi-Empirical Simulations of Graphene Oxide and Bisphenol A

Authors : Vinoj Vasu, Vinoj Vasu, Dr. Murali Rangarajan, Dr. Murali Rangarajan

Publisher :International Conference on Multifunctional and Hybrid materials for Chemical process, Energy, Environment and medical applications (ICMHCEE 2019)

Improved Epoch Extraction from Speech Signals Using Wavelet Synchrosqueezed Transform

Authors : Dr. Govind D., S. Lakshmi Priya, S. Akarsh, K. P. Soman

Publisher :National Conference on Communications (NCC)

Implementation of Optimal Scheduling Model for Power Flow System

Authors : R. Subramani, C. Vijayalakshmi

Publisher :International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology

Aerodynamic Performance Estimation of Camber Morphing airfoils for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Authors : Rajesh Senthil Kumar.T, V.Sivakumar, Dr. Balajee Ramakrishnananda, Vijay Soorya.S

Publisher :Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management (Accepted)

Energy and Performance Comparison of Cryptocurrency Mining for Embedded Devices

Authors : Sriram Sankaran, Nithuna Pramod, Krishnashree Achuthan

Publisher :In Proceedings of International Symposium on Embedded Computing and System Design (ISED) 2019

An Experimental Framework for Security of Cyber Physical Systems

Authors : Prabha M.R., Sriram Sankaran

Publisher :In Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems (iSES) 2019

Blockchain based framework for Driver Profiling in Smart Cities

Authors : Nithuna Pramod PS, Sriram Sankaran

Publisher :In Proceedings of IEEE Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (ANTS), 2019

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