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Authors : Payel Das , Santanu Mandal , Saurabh Kumar Dixit , Sujit K Patra , Arun Chandran

Inverse estimation of volumetric heat generation rate from a protruding heat source under natural convection

Authors : Rakes Siva, Pradeep S. Jakkareddy

Publisher :AIP Conference Proceedings

CFD Analysis of Lance and Offset Fin Compact Heat Exchangers with Different Fluids

Authors : Rahul Vamsi Katabathuni, Mayank Dey, Rahul Agarwal, Pradeep S. Jakkareddy

Publisher :AIP

Boundary Heat Flux Estimation for Natural Convection in a Square Enclosure Containing a Cylinder: An Inverse Approach

Authors : Pradeep S. Jakkareddy, Sudhanshu Pandey, Man Yeong Ha

Publisher :Springer

Management of wounds in Indian patients with a poly-absorbent fibre impregnated with a silver lipidocolloid matrix dressing – a case series

Authors : Anoop Vasudevan Pillai, Riju R Menon, KVNN Santosh Murthy, Divya Prakash, Sangeetha Kalabhairav, Anshumali Misra, Bhavin Ram

Publisher :Wounds International 2023

Predicting the Adsorption Efficiency Using Machine Learning Framework on a Carbon-Activated Nanomaterial

Authors : Prasad, K., Ravi Kumar, V., Kumar, R.S., Iqbal, A., Kefyalew, D

Publisher :Adsorption Science and Technology

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