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School of

Artificial Intelligence

Amrita University is at the forefront of cutting-edge education and research, and we are proud to announce the establishment of our School of Artificial Intelligence. With the rapid expansion and profound impact of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, we recognized the need for a dedicated school that focuses on this transformative field. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is committed to spearheading teaching and research in AI and Data Science.

The overall theme of our AI program and how it differentiates from other typical academic programs is its full spectrum industry focus – across academics, research, projects etc. 

In classrooms, there is a focus on developing a practical intuition of the fundamentals which is important for the students to adapt and be successful as the technology landscape keeps changing and to take advantage of new opportunities coming their way. Fundamentals learning in classrooms is delivered in the context of interesting and real-world motivating problems. Design thinking is encouraged right from the first semester.

In research, there’s a focus on developing products and technologies that solve real-world problems aligned with short-to-medium-to-long term industry needs. Coding and implementations are encouraged as part of research, so that outcomes of research are papers + products.

Case Method Sprints

A New Approach to Curriculum Delivery

Case Method Sprints – An innovative vehicle for developing deep conceptual understanding and practical hands-on problem solving and technology skills in the context of industry-relevant technical problems. This will also enable students to interface with industry people, use industry-strength tools and methods like agile project management.By combining the best aspects of case studies and hackathons, we have created an unparalleled learning experience for our students in the fields of AI, computing, and engineering.

Case Method Sprints combine two successful learner-centric approaches – case studies and hackathons – and bring them into the AI, computing, and engineering classrooms. We draw inspiration from top management institutes worldwide, where case studies play a pivotal role in curriculum delivery. Additionally, we incorporate the effectiveness and motivation of hackathons in providing students with a self-learning, competitive environment for real-world problem-solving.

An interdisciplinary program for the age of AI. This program emphasizes the building of broad-based fundamentals across important core disciplines, including electronics, electrical, mechanical, computer systems, and healthcare with a strong AI/ML component. The intention is to shape engineers for tomorrow who can navigate across disciplinary boundaries as part of their career progression and be employable and effective in a world where AI/ML is becoming ubiquitous

How it Works

Our Case Study Sprints follow a structured and engaging framework that integrates industry collaboration, course objectives, collaborative sessions, hackathon execution, and evaluation.

Benefits and Impact

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Case Study Sprints empower students with autonomy, mastery, and purpose, driving their motivation for problem-solving and innovation. This learner-centric approach bridges the industry-academia disconnect and integrates research publications, classroom academics, student projects, and placements. Moreover, it aligns with the recommendations of the latest National Education Policy (NEP) that emphasises learner-centric methods and project-based learning.

Join us at the School of Artificial Intelligence and experience the transformative power of Case Study Sprints. Discover the endless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science while gaining the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to thrive in this rapidly evolving field.

Transform your education. Embrace the future with the School of Artificial Intelligence at Amrita University.

Programs Offered

The B.Tech program in AI and Data Science at the School of Artificial Intelligence at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a four-year undergraduate degree program that provides students with a comprehensive education in artificial intelligence and data science. The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to develop innovative AI-based solutions to real-world problems.  

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