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School of Spiritual & Cultural Studies

Situated in the backdrop of a graceful village of Vallikavu, provides warmth and serenity to its visitors. It is made up of 6 schools and 20+ research centers is home to students interested in the Arts, Business, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, Spiritual & Cultural Studies and Social & Behavioral Sciences.


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Department of Traditional Sculpture and Wood Carving

The Amrita Shilpa Kalakshetra was established with a mission to revive the traditional Indian art forms like Wood Carving, Sculpting, Painting etc. Practiced by only a few groups of communities, these fine arts are slowly disappearing into oblivion because the skillsets required for these crafts remained family secrets within a small group of artisans.

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Office of Youth Empowerment

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Office of Youth Empowerment, a sector of Amrita School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies is devoted to inculcate universal values of love, compassion and self-less service in the society especially in youngsters. With the increase in number of young adults falling prey for negative influences in society, office of YE aims to help guide youngsters in living meaningful life through activities that are tailored to their taste.

The trainers at OYE travel and coordinate AYUDH, IAM & Amrita Yoga activities, Trainings and projects across India. Through AYUDH, we try to nurture compassionate youth for a peaceful & sustainable world. IAM Technique & Amrita Yoga enable individuals to reach their highest potential. The culture at OYE is Service oriented not Business Oriented. We get the satisfaction of being a catalyst for positive change in the lives of thousands and thereby in the world.

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Major events under the office include The Power of IAM Leaders conclave that will address the importance for India’s leaders from all fields to prioritize self-empowerment & development amidst their busy work lives along with the Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) training, AYUDH Level Leaders Training Summit where more than 1500 youngsters from 23 states of India join hands for a better India.

With more than 500+ AYUDH chapters active all over the country, office of Youth Empowerment hopes to become Amma’s messenger in assisting youngsters recognize their full potential who take forward our society in the right direction and for peaceful future generations.

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