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At Amrita, we share our Chancellor Amma’s vision and drive to serve the needy. In the outreach program, we, the students, lend our helping hand to the people of the village of Ettimadai. The village dwellers are our neighbors and we believe that it is our duty to help them.

Outreach includes a lot of initiatives, but primarily we focus on an educational program wherein we teach the young kids in the village. We, their older brothers and sisters, try our best to ignite the fire of learning in the young minds of the village.

Most children in the village are economically backward and need all the support they can get. Every week we sit with them and teach them different subjects. The students learn team games and other activities such as painting and drawing.

For us, outreach is a most fulfilling program. It provides us the satisfaction of doing something positive with our time and at the same time, watching young minds blossom under our care. It is a feeling that cannot be explained in words, only experienced.

We realize that this small effort of ours may not be enough to single-handedly change the lives of these children. But we believe that the kids are like lamps that need to be lit. The spirit to rise above the surroundings may become their oil. We only try to light the lamp. May the resultant flame burn brighter and light up the lives of all.

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