E-SPARK - Entrepreneurship Cell

The entrepreneurship cell, ASB, Coimbatore, also known as E spark is the soul of entrepreneurship promotion at ASB, Coimbatore. The cell aims to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among the students. This is a student driven cell run under the guidance of eminent faculty of ASB. The college has a well reputed track record of inspiring students from grass root level to successful entrepreneurs. Establishing a student mentor relationship among the students and already established entrepreneurial alumni is one among the prime objectives of E Spark.


Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem for the budding entrepreneurs to transform innovative ideas into sustainable business enterprises for revolutionizing the global corporate forefront thereby uplifting humanity.


Create a platform to educate, connect, and motivate students to foster the inherent spirit of entrepreneurship. 



  1. To build a network of entrepreneurs to guide emerging entrepreneurs
  2. To introduce students to the challenges and opportunities associated with the self-employment through interaction with entrepreneurs.
  3. To facilitate students in attending the leadership and startup summits, to equip themselves with the understanding of the industry trends.
  4. To familiarise students with the business policies, laws and legalities.
  5. To establish connection with venture capitalists to obtain the seed funding for potential business ideas. 
  6.  To create an incubation cell that promotes and facilitates students for their business startup ventures.

Annual Agenda

  • BizQuiz: A Business quiz will be conducted to encourage and to create awareness about world of business. It will be conducted every month and will cover all the major domains of business.
  • Startup Saga: Internal and external workshops will be conducted. The external workshops will include industry experts teaching how to do a perfect pitch, creating business plan and how to create the product video and so on. The internal workshops will comprise of business simulation games and activities conducted by the colloquia team.
  • YourStory: An engaging and interactive talk where an entrepreneur will share their life experiences. The program will stimulate the students to be an entrepreneur.
  • Club talks Informal sessions will be conducted where the members will share about the latest trends in business and also blogs on the topic will be posted in medium. Games like Envelope Entrepreneurship will also be conducted to give them an hands-on-experience of becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Coffee with CEO: The program will be an interview with the CEO of companies and the session will be aimed at intensive interaction. It will also increase the exposure of students through close interaction with the CEO’s.
  • PitchFest (Flagship event): A competitive Business plan event for ASB students. This is a platform where aspiring entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to pitch in their dream business plan in front of esteemed jury of venture capitalists. Excellent business plan will be awarded.