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IQAC of School of Pharmacy

The School IQAC aims to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.  The function of the cell is to maintain and monitor the quality aspect of The School of Pharmacy.

The School Level Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has the following members.

  1. Dr. Sabitha M., Principal, Amrita School of Pharmacy & Chairman IQAC
  2. Dr. Aneesh T. P., Asso.Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, IQAC coordinator
  3. Prof. Emmanuel James, Professor, Dept. of Pharmacy Practice
  4. Dr. Umadevi P., Asso.Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology
  5. Dr. M. S. Sudheesh, Asso.Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutics
  6. Dr. Leena K. Pappachen, Asst.Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  7. Ms. Vidyalakshmi V. K., Administrative staff
  8. Dr. Nishant Gupta, Senior Research Scientist, Arjuna Naturals Pvt. Ltd, Aluva
  9. Dr. Shyamaprasad, Clinical Pharmacist, Dept. of Clinical Haematology,  Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences
  10. Mr. Aravindsiva S., Executive Scientist at Biocon Pharma, Bangalore
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