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An Application of Vector Decom- position Problem in Public Key Cryptography Using Homomorphic Encryption

Authors : Praveen, I., Sethumadhavan, M

Publisher : proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications - ERICA 2013 (pp. 328-331).

Does the glomerulus function as a multiclass support vector machine? –Modeling the olfactory system from a machine learning perspective

Authors : Dr. Shyam Diwakar

Publisher : Joint international conference on Neuroscience organized by IAN SNCI, Hyderabad, India

Psychosocial Aspects of COVID-19 in the Context of Palliative Care – A Quick Review

Authors : Rao, Seema Rajesh, Spruijt, Odette, Sunder, Poornima, Daniel, Sunitha, Chittazhathu, Rajashree K, Nair, Shoba, Leng, Mhoira, Sunil Kumar, M M, Raghavan, Biju, Manuel, Athul Joseph, Rijju, Vineetha, Vijay, Geetha;, Prabhu, Anupama V, Parameswaran, Uma, Venkateswaran, Chitra

Publisher : Indian J Palliat Care, Volume 26, Issue Suppl 1, p.S116-S120

Structurally Engineered Two-Dimensional Layered Bismuth Oxyiodide Surfaces as a “Dip Photocatalyst” for a Photocatalytic Reaction

Authors : Prasad, Muvva D, Krishna, M Ghanashyam, Sudip Kumar Batabyal

Publisher : ACS Publications

Development and characterization of photodiode from p-Cu2CdSnS4/n-Bi2S3 heterojunction

Authors : Kumar, M Suresh, Madhusudanan, Sreejith P, Mohanta Kallol, Sudip Kumar Batabyal

Publisher : IOP Publishing

Solution phase fabrication of photoactive Cu 2 BaSnS 4 thin films for solar energy harvesting

Authors : Suresh Kumar M, Madhusudanan, Sreejith P, Kanth, Sidhanth C, Mohanta, Kallol, Sudip Kumar Batabyal

Publisher : Springer

Barium Substitution in Kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4: Cu2Zn1–xBaxSnS4 Quinary Alloy Thin Films for Efficient Solar Energy Harvesting

Authors : Kumar M Suresh, Madhusudanan, Sreejith P, Rajamani, Athimotlu Raju, Siaj, Mohamed, Sudip Kumar Batabyal

Publisher : ACS Publications

A Reversible Light-Responsive Solventless-Liquid Switch: Polarization Induced Dynamic Surface Ordering-Disordering in Liquid-Like Carbon Quantum Dots

Authors : Bhattacharjee, Lopamudra, Mohanta, Kallol, Sudip Kumar Batabyal, Saha, Abhijit, Bhattacharjee, Rama Ranjan

Publisher : ACS Publications

Double perovskite Cs4CuSb2Cl12 microcrystalline device for cost effective photodetector applications

Authors : Jayasankar, PM, Pathak, Amit Kumar, Madhusudanan, Sreejith P, Murali, Sunjay, Sudip Kumar Batabyal

Publisher : Elsevier

A Novel Baseband Generation Method for Modeling RF Power Amplifiers for Bit Error Rate Computations

Authors : Sanjika Devi R V; , Dr. Dhanesh G. Kurup

Publisher : Wireless Pers Commun

Co3O4-decorated hematite nanorods as an effective photoanode for solar water oxidation

Authors : Lifei Xi, Phong D. Tran, Sing Yang Chiam, Prince Saurabh Bassi, Wai Fatt Mak, Hemant Kumar Mulmudi, Batabyal Sudip Kumar, James Barber, Joachim Say Chye Loo, Lydia Helena Wong

Publisher : American Chemical Society

Solution-processed CuZn 1− x Al x S 2: a new memory material with tuneable electrical bistability

Authors : Jinesh, KB, Batabyal Sudip Kumar, Chandra, R Devi, Huang, Yizhong

Publisher : Journal of Materials Chemistry

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