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Droplet collision and jet evolution hydrodynamics in wetting modulated valley configurations

Authors : Shubham Agrawal, Gargi Khurana, Purbarun Dhar

Publisher : Physics of Fluids

Saunters Across the Silent Summits: A Psychogeoraphic Probe into Mamang Dai’s novel The Black Hill

Authors : Dr. Sandhya V , Sudakshina Bhattacharya

Publisher : Rupjyoti Goswami

The Monstrous Feminine: Politics of Gender and Fear in the Adaptation of “Tejeemola” in Kothanodi

Authors : Dr. Sandhya V , Sruthi B Guptha

Publisher : IAFOR (The International Academic Forum)

Contesting the mainstream transwoman figurations: The question of caste and precarity in Udalaazham

Authors : Sruthi B, Guptha & Dr. Sandhya V

Publisher : Routledge (Taylor & Francis)

Performance Analysis of Khadi and Village Industries of MSME Sector

Authors : M. Sumathy, Shallini .V, Sujith .T .S

Analysis of Nifty 100 ESG Index and Nifty 100 Enhanced ESG Index

Authors : Sujith.T.S, J.Sneha Jayalakshmi, Dr.M.Sumathy

Attitude towards Entrepreneurship among B. Com Students in Thrissur District

Authors : Sneha Jayalakshmi , P. Shaneeb, Dr. M. Sumathy, T.S. Sujith, K.Mohammed Nabeel

Block chain 3.0 – Applications and Challenges in Education

Authors : Sneha Jayalakshmi.J , Mohammed Nabeel. K, Dr. M. Sumathy, Sujith.T.S

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