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About the Project

The core part of any electronic system is Integrated Circuits (ICs) and Hardware (HW) Trojan attacks have become a major threat for ICs. Generally, Hardware Trojans are triggered under very rare situations and this makes it very hard to detect. Cyber-attacks are very common now and it spreads HW Trojans that affects our daily life like financial, military and other cyber physical systems. In recent years significant care is paid to HW Trojan detection and prevention.

Department & Campus

Department of Electronics and Communications, School of Engineering, Coimbatore

Skillsets Preferred from Applicants

VLSI Design, HDL Programming/ Python

Faculty Profile

VLSI Testing, Hardware Security and Trust – Doctoral Research Topic
Dr. Prabhu E.

Assistant Professor,
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,
School of Engineering,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

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How to Apply

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