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January 2017: Kick-off meeting in India

October 2017: Visit from the Geological Survey of India to BGS Keyworth

January – February 2018: 2nd visit from colleagues the Geological Survey of India to BGS Keyworth in the UK and CNR in Italy

March 2018: Workpackage 5 meeting in India

November 2019: LANDSLIP meeting with Save The Hills, Darjeeling 29th November 2019

November 2019: LANDSLIP Working meeting at Geological Survey of India: 25th – 29th November 2019

December 2019: LANDSLIP internal discussions about landside App at Keystone foundation on 11th December 2019

10 December 2019: LANDSLIP meeting with the District Collector, The Nilgiris

February 2020: LANDSLIP annual meeting

December 2020: Sustainable Mountain Development Summit

December 2020: Global Dialogue Platform

June 2021: International Symposium on IoT and ML for Ecosystem Restoration and Multi-Hazard Resilience

May 2022: International Knowledge Sharing Webinar


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