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The Joint Research Center in Disaster Management and Earth Sciences stands as an interdisciplinary hub dedicated to a multifaceted approach. Primarily, it focuses on education, training, and human resource development within the domains of landslide monitoring and research. This commitment extends to fostering an environment that encourages the exchange of invaluable information, spurring research and development initiatives.

As part of its collaborative ethos, the center facilitates visits by staff members deeply involved in research programs of mutual interest or those specific to a particular aspect of study. This not only enriches the collective knowledge base but also cultivates a network of professionals engaged in cutting-edge research.

Emphasizing flexibility in collaboration, the center actively encourages diverse forms of cooperation. Whether through joint projects, shared resources, or other collaborative endeavors, it fosters an atmosphere where expertise converges for the greater advancement of disaster management and earth sciences. In essence, the Joint Research Center operates as a dynamic space where education, training, and research harmonize, creating a platform that promotes the seamless exchange of ideas and collaboration for the betterment of disaster management and earth sciences.


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