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During the different stages of the life cycle of an organisation, it will have different priorities and challenges. Many a time, the organisational elements that are effective and appropriate at one stage may not be suitable for success in another stage. This is especially true when there are rapid changes in the market, economy, technology, and in the nature of human resources. In order to survive and grow, organisations have to align their human resources and technology to their goals and need to be abreast with customer demand and stiff competition. Every organisation today has to continuously bring in new knowledge and skills and transform and evolve itself to meet the long-term and short-term goals and challenges. Organisations will benefit more from consulting inputs provided by outside experts rather than solely depending on the knowledge and resources within the organisation. Most of the organisations today engage external consultants for different sorts of technical, organisational and human resource development.

CIR is best equipped to provide both technical and management consulting to organisations. The strength of CIR in this area is the accumulated wisdom as a result of its several years of guidance provided by its highly experienced senior academic members, who are at the helm of affairs.

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