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Data Base Management Systems
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Integrated Degree
School of Arts and Sciences

'Data Base Management Systems' is a course offered at the School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Mysuru campus.

To understand the role of a database management system in an organization by understanding basic database concepts, including the structure and operation of the relational data model. To construct simple and moderately advanced database queries using Structured Query Language (SQL) and to successfully apply logical database design principles, including E-R models and database normalization.

Unit I:
Database Management System model: Introduction, Implication of Database, Applications Database System; Data Independence; Data Modeling for a Database;, Advantages and Disadvantages of Database Management System, DBMS Vs. RDBMS, Entities, Attributes, Relationships and Relationships Types.

Unit II:
Database System Architecture: Three Level Architecture of DBMS, The External Level or Subschema, The Conceptual Level or Conceptual Schema, The Internal Level or Physical Schema, Mapping; Database Management System Facilities, Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language; Database Manager, Database Administrator, Data Dictionary; Distributed Processing, Information and Communications Technology System (ICT), Client / Server Architecture.

Unit III:
Relational Algebra: Basic Operations, Union, Difference, Intersection, Cartesian product; Additional Relational Algebraic Operations, Projection, Selection, JOIN, Division. Database Models and Implementation: Data Model and Types of Data Model, Relational Data Model, Hierarchical Model, Network Data Model.

Entity-Relationship Model: E-R Diagrams, Notation used in E-R Model, Relationships and Relationship Types, Case study to implement E-R Diagrams.

Unit IV:
SQL: Categories of SQL Commands; Data Definition; Data Manipulation Statements, SELECT - The Basic Form, Subqueries, GROUP BY Feature.

Unit V:
Normalization: Functional Dependency; Anomalies in a Database; Properties of Normalized Relations; First Normalization; Second Normal Form; Third Normal Form; Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BNCF); Fourth and Fifth Normal Form.

Transaction Processing: Atomicity Consistency and Isolation, Durability, Transaction States.

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  2. Ivan Bayross: "Sql- PL/SQL The Programming Language Of Oracle"- 4th Edition- BPB Publications.