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K. R. Shabu currently serves as Assistant Professor in the Department of Commerce and Management, School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi. He has 23 years academic experience, including 7 years in research and published books in Financial Management, Management Accounting and Cost Accounting. 


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Aparna Anib, Gayathri A., and K. R. Shabu, “Consumer Perception towards Swiggy Digital Food Application Service: A Analytical Study with Special Reference to Ernakulam City ”, International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE), vol. 8, no. 6S, 2019.[Abstract]

Online food ordering and delivery is a new type of business model in the current era of e-commerce and that leads to the startups of several online business. Online food ordering and delivery is very successful because it bridges the gap between restaurants and consumers. It is a process were a customer will search for a restaurant and filter with the available items, cuisines and they deliver by an application in the mobile phone. Swiggy is an application for food ordering and delivery which is a Bangalore based company. Swiggy was mainly to provide a complete order and delivery solution to the urban foodies. The main aim of this research is to study the factors influencing the consumer perception and buying decision of Swiggy and to study the level of consumer satisfaction of Swiggy. For this purpose, with help of convenient sampling method 100 respondents were selected and data were collected through structured questionnaire. The result of the result showed that, there is significant relationship between usage and satisfaction of services of Swiggy, there is significant relationship between usage and preference over other food ordering apps, there is no association between age and frequent usage of Swiggy app, there is no association between gender and convenience of Swiggy app .

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B. Athira, Riya Thomas, and K. R. Shabu, “A Study on Customer Adoption and Usage Level of Credit Cards with Special Reference to Kochi City ”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems (JARDCS), vol. 11, no. 03, 2019.[Abstract]

This study is conducted to know the usage level, their benefits and problems faced by the customers while using credit card in Kochi city. Credit cards helps to make payments easily without carrying cash in hand. This study found that usage of credit card increases the purchasing power of the customers. Usage of credit card also leads to fraudulent payments.

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