MCA, MPhil


Nima S. Nair currently serves as Assistant Professor and Vice Chairperson of UG courses in the Department of Computer Science and I.T., School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi. She has 14 years experience in teaching. She has also completed PGDCA and ‘O’ Level. 


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D. P. Correya, Gopinath, D., and N.S. Nair, “Prevention of man-in-the-middle phishing attack using pair based authentication”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 10, pp. 2024-2028, 2015.[Abstract]

Phishing is an attempt by fraudulent to acquire sensitive information such as log in credentials, credit card details and so on. Now a days all businesses depends on online services for fast and easy transactions. Though online business is an advantage for all business organizations, it affects their security. It also paid the way to hike in phishing attacks. By using several simple techniques phishers can easily steal sensitive information for their benefits. Financial organizations adopt one time password tokens to counter password phishing attacks. This alone is not sufficient for better security. To counter the security of one time password tokens phishers now uses a simpler technology Man-in-the-Middle phishing attack. This paper focus on the security against Man-in-the-Middle attacks with the help of a pair based authentication in order to ensure that the user is communicating with the real server instead of a proxy and a PKI encrypted token which helps the server to verify that the secret pass obtained from One Time Password is sent by the same user who provides the initial authentication. © Research India Publications.

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A. Vasudevan, N.S. Nair, Benny, A. S., Shabana, K. M., Shenoy, A., and Dutta, M., “KARSHIK: Agricultural information monitoring and reference based on wireless networks”, in ACWR 2011 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Wireless Technologies for Humanitarian Relief, Amritapuri, 2011, pp. 537-539.[Abstract]

Karshik is a small scale, service administering project. The objective of this project is to make vital statistics about crops pertaining to a certain topology, geographic location and climatic conditions available to farmers in India, so as to equip them with information for producing the better yields; The long term aim of this project is to ultimately make a region self sufficient in the crops that can be suitably grown. This eradicates the need to import or strain resources that are sparse or extensively exploited in the pursuit of growing crops that are are not suited to a certain topology. In this paper the KARSHIK system is described. After a section dedicated to the explanation of the particular need of implementation, the paper describes the system's realization in Kerala-India for the analysis of crops suiting a certain terrain. The paper concludes with an outlook on future applications of the presented system. More »»