Dr. Rahul D. P. joined the Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at Amrita School of Dentistry in 2011. He is currently serving as Reader in the Department. He obtained his B. D. S. degree from Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Tamil Nadu and M. D. S. degree from the Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu. 

He was awarded with Ph. D. degree in 2016 from the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark for his work at Aarhus Dental School and University of Southern Denmark. He also worked as Faculty Research Fellow at Section of Orthodontics, Aarhus Dental School, Denmark; wherein he was involved in teaching, research and knowledge dissemination. During his PhD period in Denmark he was co-supervised by eminent Professors: Mousthapha Kassem, Jorgen Kjems, Birte Melsen and Assoc. Prof. David Kraft. His research involved Bone tissue engineering for craniofacial defects and also made him competent in research methodology and various sophisticated Molecular biology techniques. He also received opportunity to make scientific presentation at the prestigious 4th World TERMIS Congress 2015, Boston, USA.

He has around 5 years of Clinical and Academic experience in the Orthodontic specialty and currently supervises postgraduate and undergraduate students in their research activities. He has publications in international journals and presented papers in various national and international conferences. In 2016, he received the Best Scientific Paper Award at Kerala State Dental Conference for his paper titled ‘Dental pulp stem cells: a value addition product in Dentistry’. He has undergone extensive advanced training at Orthodontic Biomechanics School, Italy under Prof. Birte Melsen and Prof. Giorgio Fiorelli.


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Rahul D. Prabha, Ding, M., Bollen, P., Ditzel, N., Varma, H. K., Nair, P. D., and Kassem, M., “Strontium ion reinforced bioceramic scaffold for load bearing bone regeneration”, Materials Science and Engineering: C, vol. 109, p. 110427, 2020.[Abstract]

Bone defects in load bearing areas require bone reconstruction with strong biomaterial having mechanical characteristics like cortical bone. Bioceramics are biomaterials that support bone formation as well as provide adequate mechanical properties. A strontium substitution of the bioceramic is expected to further increase its bioactivity by enhancing osteogenesis and protect the bone from osteoclastic resorption. The study involves development, characterization and in vivo testing of a newly developed strontium substituted hydroxyapatite based bioceramic scaffold (SrHAB) with sufficient biomechanical properties. Optimal concentration of strontium ion required for enhanced osteogenic differentiation was identified by comparing three compositions of SrHAB scaffold; namely Sr10HAB, Sr30HAB and Sr50 HAB for their Alkaline phosphatase activity in vitro. The selected Sr10HAB scaffold demonstrated in vivo bone formation with osteogenic differentiation of stromal derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from human and ovine sources in ectopic and ovine models. Thus, Sr10HAB scaffold has a potential for application in load bearing bone requirements of orthopaedics and dentistry.

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