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The Amrita Live-in-Labs® program aims to expose youth to problems faced by rural communities in India. Through experiential learning opportunities, participants put theory into practice by generating innovative solutions, thereby facilitating critical and collaborative problem-solving abilities of participants.

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Established in 2013, Amrita Live-in-Labs® is a multidisciplinary experiential learning program that facilitates the research, development, and deployment of sustainable solutions for current challenges faced by rural communities in India. The program is designed to engage participants in a mutual learning and sharing experience by breaking classroom and lab barriers to implement theoretical knowledge to address real-world problems. The program allows participants to study, observe, and interact with rural populations while living in rural communities to gain a better understanding of challenges in the areas of Agriculture & Risk Management, Education & Gender Equality, Energy & Environment, Livelihood & Skill Development , Water & Sanitation, Health & Hygiene and Waste Management & Infrastructure.

The program brings together Amrita students and faculty – in conjunction with students and faculty from international universities – to form multidisciplinary teams that will spend two weeks to six months in Indian villages.

Before heading to a village, students will receive an orientation about village life and culture. Following the orientation, students will either join an existing on-going project or identify a new project that addresses a challenge in a particular village. Subsequently, students will design, test, and implement an affordable, comprehensive, and sustainable solution to the specified challenge.

After students complete their time in the field, they will submit a report about the village, the challenge they addressed, and the subsequent solution that was applied. Students will also make an oral presentation to Amrita faculty about their work and their overall experience in the village.

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Fully Funded Opportunities at Amrita

Ph. D. in Sustainable Development (2019-2020)
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham invites candidates for Full-time admissions to pursue a fully funded Ph.D. in Sustainable Development.

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Since the emphasis of the program is on mutual sharing and learning, Amrita Live-in-Labs® strongly believes in taking an inclusive approach to addressing challenges and thereby encouraging participants to work with rural populations to come up with sustainable solutions. As a result, the program is designed as a two-way model of sharing and learning and encourages participants to be open to “other ways of thinking”.

Please Note: As the program primarily revolves around field work, projects and project locations may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, all participants are requested to be flexible while confirming projects and locations.

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