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Amrita School of Pharmacy Conducts Workshop on Spectral Data Analysis

January 1, 2018 - 3:59
Amrita School of Pharmacy Conducts Workshop on Spectral Data Analysis

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis, Amrita School of Pharmacy, Kochi, conducted a workshop on Spectral Data Analysis, on December 14th and 15th, 2017. One hundred and four delegates from Amrita School of Pharmacy along with fifty-four faculty members and student delegates from various other colleges of Kerala participated in the workshop.

The workshop opened on an auspicious note with a prayer and welcome address by Dr. S. Sathianarayanan, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis, Amrita School of Pharmacy, Kochi. Dr. Sabitha M., Principal, Amrita School of Pharmacy, delivered the keynote address and she stressed the importance of having a strategic approach in research. The inaugural address was delivered by Dr. Jayakumar Rangasamy, Professor, Amrita Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine, Kochi, and he focused on the importance of spectral analysis in various fields of pharmacy, especially in organic chemical synthesis, drug delivery and polymer chemistry.

The four working sessions, handled by Dr. D. Vasudevan and Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Sr. Scientists, CSIR-Central Electro Chemical Research Institute, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, were on various aspects and techniques of spectral data analysis. The first session pointed out the basic principles and importance of various techniques of spectroscopic analysis such as UV, IR and NMR, along with the solving problems on UV spectra.

The second session was on IR and 1H NMR interpretation. The speaker explained the conceptual aspects of IR interpretation. The participants had numerous questions at this stage and they were answered personally.

The third session which began on the second day was dedicated mainly to 13 C NMR and mass spectroscopy. A brief description was given on FT-NMR, 2D NMR and DEPT. Delegates were called to the stage for solving interpretation problems and it was a very dynamic session.

The fourth session was dedicated to combined spectral analysis of organic compounds, where problems regarding the same were provided to the delegates for interpretation. The importance of combined spectral analysis in the synthesis of organic compounds was also covered in this session.

At the valedictory function, the speakers and participants gave their feedback about the program and their experiences in the workshop. Dr. Sabitha M. handed over a token of appreciation to both the experts from CSIR-CECRI with certificates. Certificates were issued to all the faculty and student delegates. Finally, the vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Subin Mary Zachariah, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis, School of Pharmacy, Kochi, who expressed her gratitude towards the speakers and the participants for their active participation in the workshop. The gathering dispersed after the national anthem.

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