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The students, faculty and staff members of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham are all set to begin this year’s historic clean-up of Sabarimala.

During November 2-5, 2012, they will work together to clean the temple premises at the mountain-top and the holy river, at its base.

The Sabarimala temple, dedicated to Lord Ayyappan, located in the state of Kerala, attracts millions of pilgrims every year from all over the world. Mostly men flock to this divine place, after observing traditional vows of fasting and celibacy for a number of days.

Unfortunately, a huge influx of pilgrims also means a huge accumulation of trash. The solid waste generated at the mountain-top eventually finds its way to the Pampa River, resulting in its pollution.

Last year, for the first time in forty years, accumulated waste from many decades was cleared by the unified efforts of the 5000+ strong team of Amrita students, faculty and staff members as well as ashram residents, including foreigners.

Waste was gathered, segregated and cleared from sites such as Koprakkalam, Malikappuram, Nadappanthal, Panditthavalam, Bhasmakkulam at the Sabarimala Sannidhanam and Pampa.

Upon the conclusion of this clean-up drive, the Government had launched the Zero Waste Sabarimala Project last year.

This year, the Government invited Amrita to again clean the holy mountain temple and the sacred river, before the start of the pilgrimage season. Over 3000 volunteers led by Swami Turiyamritananda Puri, Swami Jnanamritananda Puri and Swami Kripamritananda Puri as well as Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Pro-Chancellor Br. Abhayamrita Chaitanya and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Venkat Rangan will take part in the mammoth clean-up drive.

Deans, Principals and senior administrators from all campuses and schools of Amrita will participate, as well.

Men will clean the temple premises at the Sannidhanam and both men and women will participate in the cleaning of the Pampa River. This year, the cleaning will extend from Marakootam at the base of the mountain to Sannidhanam at the top. In addition to cleaning the river and its surroundings, volunteers will also clean the Pampa KSRTC bus stand, the Ganapathy Temple and the parking lot.

The Amrita fraternity is energetically preparing for the sacred mission. All the men will arrive in Sabarimala on the afternoon of November 2, and begin the cleaning activities. The women will clean the river on November 3. All volunteers will have gloves and the bright orange Amala Bharatam vests. With Amma’s blessings, they are eager to take up the challenge and execute the task to perfection.

This venture to clean the holy land situated amidst the forests of Sabari Hills is a part of the Amala Bharatam Campaign for a Clean and Beautiful India, initiated and guided by none other than our Beloved Chancellor Amma.

Amma says that we all have an obligation towards Mother Nature. We can fulfill that to some extent, by participating in activities such as these. Sabarimala is a holy place and by removing the waste from there, we make devotees comfortable. By carrying out such an initiative wholeheartedly, we accumulate merit. Please stay tuned for our news report on this historic clean-up drive about to commence this week.


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November 1, 2012
Amritapuri Campus

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