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How to Navigate Practical Issues in Research Studies? – Research Talk Series #9

January 27, 2024 - 3:33
How to Navigate Practical Issues in Research Studies? – Research Talk Series #9

Date: 23 January 2024 (Tuesday)
Time: 10.30 AM – 12.00 PM
Event: Research Talk series #9
Mode: Hybrid
Topic: How to navigate practical issues in research studies?
Resource Person: Professor. V G Venkatesh (Professor, EMNormandie Business School, France)

Professor VG Venkatesh, a renowned supply chain management expert, shares insights on navigating practical issues in research studies.

We are navigating practical issues in research studies with Professor V G Venkatesh.
In the first segment, Professor V G Venkatesh discussed the challenges of conducting research studies, particularly in aligning practical needs with academic content. He emphasized the importance of leveraging industry experience and navigating practical issues in their PhD program. Professor V G Venkatesh highlighted the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in supply chain management and its potential to improve social sustainability performance. He also shared his research on decision-making in supply chain management and highlighted the importance of incentive systems and financial aspects in integrating AI into subcontractor management.

Academic publishing and industry experience.
Professor V G Venkatesh shares his experiences navigating the gap between industry and academia. He emphasizes the importance of leveraging industry experience in academic research and aligning it with educational content. The speaker shares his journey, including overcoming misconceptions and preconceptions and publishing a paper in a new domain. The speaker’s expertise in artificial intelligence and sustainability is also highlighted.
PhD research and publication strategies.
Professor V G Venkatesh suggests Ph.D. program builds complex research problems gradually, starting with a literature review and bibliometric analysis. He emphasizes the importance of social sustainability in business transformation and AI-driven solutions.

PhD program challenges and tips for success.
Professor V G Venkatesh advises PhD students to focus on a common thread throughout their research to defend their contributions effectively. He encouraged them to enjoy the journey and not worry about the outcome. However, he doubts pursuing a Ph.D. program due to the pressure to publish and the lack of practical relevance. He advised that aligning research topics with suitable industry needs would increase the chances of paper acceptance.

Choosing thesis topics with a focus on industry experience.
The resource person, Prof. V G. Venkatesh, emphasizes the importance of selecting the right members for a thesis advisory board, including a chief supervisor and two experts. They note that students in foreign countries have more control over their advisory board composition, significantly influencing their thesis direction. They recommend identifying 3-4 topics for the thesis to avoid overwhelming oneself and advice against conducting comparative studies for a PhD thesis.

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