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Outstanding Performance of Amrita Faculty in MHRD-GIAN Course

April 29, 2017 - 12:11
Outstanding Performance of Amrita Faculty in MHRD-GIAN Course

Dr. Govind D., Assistant Professor, working  in the Center for Computational Engineering and Networking, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, has  secured an outstanding  grade of  “AS” in the  MHRD  sponsored  Global Initiative  of Academic Networks (GIAN) course on the topic, “Advanced Sinusoidal Modelling  of Speech and Applications”, organized  at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati during  December  2016.

To  enhance  the  global  research competency  of  faculty and  students in India, MHRD introduced  a program in 2015  called Global Initiative for  Academic Networks  (GIAN). The  credits  and  grades  obtained  in GIAN course  show the international  competency of the  Indian faculty in the respective  research  topics.

Under  this  program,  400 renowned  academicians working  in various  fields  and  various  universities worldwide  are  invited  to  Indian  universities  and  they  are sponsored by  MHRD  to conduct courses in  advanced research  topics.  The program creates  a platform to network with  foreign experts  and for faculty to become  familiar  with new styles  of  teaching and evaluation. The GIAN courses are credit courses and a foreign expert academician conducts the respective topic exactly as conducted and evaluated in a foreign university. The course was handled by Prof. Yannis Stylianou from University of Crete, Greece. 

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