Amrita School of Arts and Sciences offers a three year programme with B.Sc (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry)

Eligibility: 50% aggregate in PU/+2 in any discipline or its equivalent or 3-year Polytechnic Diploma

Programme Duration: 3 years (6 Semesters)


Communicative English Professional Communication Growth & Development of Child
Language - I (Hindi/Kannada/Malayalam/Sanskrit) Language Paper II (Hindi/Kannada/Malayalam/Sanskrit) Reading and Reflecting on text
Cultural Education & Yoga Cultural Education & Yoga Amrita Value Programme
Physics Paper I - Mechanics Physics Paper II - Waves, Heat and Thermodynamics Physics Paper III - Electricity and Magnetism
Mathematics Paper I Calculus Mathematics Paper II - Matrices and Vector Calculus Mathematics Paper III - Differential Equations
Chemistry Paper I - Atomic structure, Chemical Bonding and Analytical Chemistry Chemistry Paper II Nuclear Chemistry, States of Matter & Chemistry of S & P Block elements Chemistry Paper III - Hydrocarbons, Alkyl and Aryl Halides
Environmental Science and Sustainability Indian Constitution Gender School & Society
    Drama & Art in Education
Life Skills I
Open Elective
Elective A
PC Software
Learning & Teaching Physics Paper V - Basic Electronics Physics Paper VII - Atomic and Molecular Physics
Inclusive School Physics Paper VI - Practical paper - Practicals – VI Physics Paper VIII - Practical paper Practicals – VIII
Amrita Value Programme Pedagogy of Physics OR Pedagogy of Chemistry Advanced Pedagogy of Physics OR Advanced Pedagogy of Chemistry
Physics Paper IV - Optics Mathematics Paper V - Real Analysis Mathematics Paper VII - Complex Analysis
Mathematics Paper IV - Modern Algebra Mathematics Paper VI - Discrete Mathematics Mathematics Paper VIII - Probability and Statistics
Chemistry Paper IV - Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Electrochemistry Chemistry Paper V - Transition elements, Coordination compounds, Chemical kinetics and Spectroscopy Chemistry Paper VII - Functional Groups, Heterocyclic compounds and Natural products
ICT in Education Chemistry Paper VI -Practical Paper Prcticals- VI Chemistry Paper VIII -Practical Paper - Practicals VIII
Life Skills II Pedagogy of Mathematics Advanced Pedagogy of Mathematics
Open Elective Open Electives Skill Development
Elective B Elective C Project
  Elective D  


Physics Mathematics Chemistry
Medical Physics Operations Research Environmental Chemistry
Renewable Energy and Energy Harvesting Numerical Methods Chemistry of Toxicology
Introduction to Nanophysics and Applications Integral Transforms and Fourier Series Forensic Science
Physics of the Atmosphere Applied Statistics Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology
Biophysics Number Theory Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Space Physics Special Functions  

* Open Elective courses are to be taken by each student, from the list of Open Electives offered by the School.

Electives listed above are only indicative. Actual Offering will depend on the number of students registering for the courses and availability of faculty. School Administration reserves the right to modify the subjects/ curriculum/ detailed syllabus as per the topical needs or changes in trends of the academic stream or industry requirements.

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