Admission Open for BTech 2021 @ Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

B. Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Electronics and Computer Engineering is a program offered by the School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Electronics and Computer Science Engineering(EAC) is a cross-discipline, integrated program that focus on electronics hardware circuits and also on programming and IT aspects. Compared to ECE, in EAC curriculum the communication courses such as EMT, Digital & Analog communication, and RF Engineering are replaced with courses such as Algorithms, Data structures, Networking, DBMS, Operating systems, Machine learning and Data Science. Basically the graduates of EAC are expected to know both hardware and software aspects in detail as required by the Industry. Students can develop new technologies, both hardware and software aspects for many applications such as healthcare, security, communication, early disaster warning, education, entertainment, business, production, farming, etc


Cat Code Title Credits
SCI 19MAT101 Single Variable Calculus 1
SCI 19MAT102 Matrix Algebra 2
ENGG 19EAC101 Introduction to Computer Engineering 3
SCI 19CSE100 Problem Solving and Algorithmic Thinking 4
SCI 19PHY103 Physics of Electronic Materials 3
ENGG 19MEE100 Engineering Graphics - CAD 3
ENGG 19EEE111 Electrical and Electronics Engineering 3
ENGG 19EEE182 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Practice 1
ENGG 19ECE101 Introduction to IoT 1
HUM 19CUL101 Cultural Education I 2
    Total 23
Cat. Code Title Credit
HUM 19ENG111 Technical Communication 3
SCI 19MAT115 Discrete Mathematics 4
ENGG 19EAC111 Digital Circuits and Systems 4
ENGG 19CSE102 Computer Programming*(C/C++) 4
ENGG 19EAC112 Solid State Devices 3
ENGG 19EAC181 Digital Systems Lab 1
ENGG 19MEE181 Manufacturing Practice 1
HUM 19CUL111 Cultural Education - II 2
    TOTAL 22
Semester III
Cat. Code Title Credit
SCI 19MAT209 Linear Algebra and Optimization Techniques 4
ENGG 19EAC204 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
ENGG 19EAC203 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
ENGG 19EAC205 Mathematics of Signal Processing 3
ENGG 19EAC201 Electronic Circuits I 3
HUM 19AVP201 Amrita Values Program I 1
ENGG 19EAC281 Mathematics of Signal Processing Lab 1
ENGG 19EAC202 Network Theory 3
ENGG 19EAC282 Electronic Circuits I Lab 1
    TOTAL 22
  Semester IV
Cat. Code Title Credit
SCI 19MAT205 Probability and Random Processes 4
ENGG 19EAC212 Electronic Circuits II 3
ENGG 19EAC213 Digital Signal Processing and Processors 3
ENGG 19EAC211 Operating Systems 3
ENGG 19EAC214 Microprocessor and Microcontroller 3
ENGG 19EAC283 Digital Signal Processing and Processors Lab 1
ENGG 19EAC284 Electronic Circuits II Lab 1
ENGG 19EAC285 Microcontroller Lab 1
HUM 19AVP211 Amrita Values Program II 1
HUM 19SSK211 Soft Skills I 2
    TOTAL 22
  Semester V
Cat. Code Title Credit
ENGG 19EAC301 Fundamentals of Machine Learning 3
ENGG   Professional Elective I** 3
ENGG 19EAC302 Embedded Systems Design 3
ENGG 19EAC303 Information Theory and Coding 4
ENGG 19ECE313 VLSI Design 3
ENGG 19EAC381 Machine Learning lab with Python 1
ENGG 19ECE383 VLSI Design Lab 1
ENGG 19SSK301 Soft Skills II 2
ENGG 19LIV390 Live-in –Labs*** [3]
ENGG 19ENV300 Environmental Science P/F
    TOTAL 20
  Semester VI
Cat. Code Title Credit
ENGG 19EAC311 Computer Networks 3
ENGG 19EAC312 Data Base Management Systems 3
ENGG 19EAC313 Data Science 3
PRJ 19EAC383 Technical Presentation and Writing 2
ENGG   Professional Elective II* 3
HUM 19SSK311 Soft Skills III 2
ENGG 19EAC386 Open Lab / Professional Elective III* 2
ENGG 19EAC384 Computer Networks Lab 1
ENGG 19EAC385 R Programming Lab (Data Science) 1
ENGG 19LIV490 Live-in –Labs*** [3]
    TOTAL 20
  Semester VII
Cat. Code Title Credit
ENGG 19EAC401 Introduction to Cyber Security 4
ENGG   Professional Elective IV* 3
ENGG   Professional Elective V* 3
ENGG   Professional Elective VI* 3
ENGG 19EAC496 Open Lab / Professional Elective VII* 2
PRJ 19EAC495 Project Phase I 2
HUM 19LAW300 Indian Constitution P/F
HUM 19MNG300 Disaster Management P/F
    TOTAL 17
  Semester VIII
Cat. Code Title Credit
ENGG   Professional Elective VIII* 3
HUM   Free Elective I** 3
PRJ 19EAC499 Project Phase II 10
    TOTAL 16
Total Credits - 162
  • *Professional Elective - Electives categorised under Engineering, Science ,Mathematics, Live-in-Labs, and NPTEL Courses . Student can opt for such electives across departments/campuses.Students with CGPA of 7.0 and above can opt for a maximum of 2 NPTEL courses with the credits not exceeding 8.
  • ** Free Electives - This will include courses offered by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences/ Faculty Arts, Commerce and Media / Faculty of Management/Amrita Darshanam -(International Centre for Spiritual Studies).
  • *** Live-in-Labs - Students undertaking and registering for a Live-in-Labs project, can be exempted from registering for an Elective course in the higher semester.
Computer Science
Cat. Code Title Credit
ENGGEAC 19CSE459 Advanced Algorithms and Analysis 3
ENGG 19CSE340 Advanced Computer Networks 3
ENGG 19CSE357 Big Data Analytics 3
ENGG 19CSE445 Cloud Computing 3
ENGG 19CSE458 Computational Intelligence 3
ENGG 19CSE435 Computer Vision 3
ENGG 19CSE331 Cryptography 3
ENGG 19CSE312 Distributed Systems 3
ENGG 19CSE442 Pervasive and Ubiquitous Systems 3
ENGG 19CSE458 Computational Intelligence 3
ENGG 19CSE444 Real Time Systems 3
ENGG 19CSE453 Natural Language Processing 3
ENGG 19CSE440 Biometrics 3
Signal Processing
Cat. Code Title Credit
ENGG 19ECE458 Adaptive Signal Processing 3
ENGG 19ECE442 Avionics 3
ENGG 19ECE455 Biomedical Signal Processing 3
ENGG 19ECE456 Hyperspectral Image Analysis 3
ENGG 19ECE454 Image Processing 3
ENGG 19ECE357 Pattern Recognition 3
ENGG 19ECE451 Spoken Language Processing 3
ENGG 19ECE463 Smart Sensors 3
ENGG 19ECE457 Wavelets and Application 3
ENGG 19ECE436 Wireless Sensor Networks 3
Analog Electronics
Cat. Code Title Credit
ENGG 19ECE332 Mixed Signal Design 3
ENGG 19ECE334 Analog IC Design 3
ENGG 19ECE335 Applications of Linear Integrated Circuits 3
ENGG 19ECE331 Biomedical Instrumentation 3
ENGG 19ECE432 Software Defined Networks 3
Cat. Code Title Credit
ENGG 19ECE346 Digital IC Design 3
ENGG 19ECE347 Electronic System Level Design and Verification 3
ENGG 19ECE342 Hardware Security and Trust 3
ENGG 19ECE461 Intelligent Control Systems 3
ENGG 19ECE348 VLSI Testing and Testability 3
ENGG 19ECE349 RISC Processor Design using HDL 3
ENGG 19ECE337 VLSI Fabrication Technology 3
ENGG 19ECE343 FPGA Based System Design 3
ENGG 19ECE434 MIMO and Multicarrier Communication 3
ENGG 19ECE350 VLSI Signal Processing  3
ENGG 19ECE313 VLSI System Design 3

Professional Electives under Science Stream

Management Stream
Category Code Title Credit
HUM 19MNG331 Financial Management 3
HUM 19MNG332 Supply Chain Management 3
HUM 19MNG333 Marketing Management 3
HUM 19MNG334 Project Management 3
HUM 19MNG335 Enterprise Management 3
HUM 19MNG338 Operations Research 3
HUM 19MEE401 Industrial Engineering 3
HUM 19MEE346 Managerial Statistics 3
HUM 19MEE347 Total Quality Management 3
HUM 19MEE342 Lean Manufacturing 3
HUM 19CSE358 Software Project Management 3
HUM 19CSE359 Financial Engineering 3
HUM 19CSE360 Engineering Economic Analysis 3
HUM 19CSE362 Information System 3
Humanities/ Social Science Streams
Category Code Title Credit
0HUM 19CUL230 Achieving Excellence in Life - An Indian Perspective 2
HUM 19CUL231 Excellence in Daily Life 2
HUM 19CUL232 Exploring Science and Technology in Ancient India 2
HUM 19CUL233 Yoga Psychology 2
HUM 19ENG230 Business Communication 2
HUM 19ENG231 Indian Thought through English 2
HUM 19ENG232 Insights into Life through English Literature 2
HUM 19ENG233 Technical Communication 2
HUM 19ENG234 Indian Short Stories in English 2
HUM 19FRE230 Proficiency in French Language (Lower) 2
HUM 19FRE231 Proficiency in French Language (Higher) 2
HUM 19GER230 German for Beginners I 2
HUM 19GER231 German for Beginners II 2
HUM 19GER232 Proficiency in German Language (Lower) 2
HUM 19GER233 Proficiency in German Language (Higher) 2
HUM 19HIN101 Hindi I 2
HUM 19HIN111 Hindi II 2
HUM 19HUM230 Emotional Intelligence 2
HUM 19HUM231 Glimpses into the Indian Mind - the Growth of Modern India 2
HUM 19HUM232 Glimpses of Eternal India 2
HUM 19HUM233 Glimpses of Indian Economy and Polity 2
HUM 19HUM234 Health and Lifestyle 2
HUM 19HUM235 Indian Classics for the Twenty-First Century 2
HUM 19HUM236 Introduction to India Studies 2
HUM 19HUM237 Introduction to Sanskrit Language and Literature 2
HUM 19HUM238 National Service Scheme 2
HUM 19HUM239 Psychology for Effective Living 2
HUM 19HUM240 Psychology for Engineers 2
HUM 19HUM241 Science and Society - An Indian Perspective 2
HUM 19HUM242 The Message of Bhagwad Gita 2
HUM 19HUM243 The Message of the Upanishads 2
HUM 19HUM244 Understanding Science of Food and Nutrition 2
HUM 19JAP230 Proficiency in Japanese Language (Lower) 2
HUM 19JAP231 Proficiency in Japanese Language (Higher) 2
HUM 19KAN101 Kannada I 2
HUM 19KAN111 Kannada II 2
HUM 19MAL101 Malayalam I 2
HUM 19MAL111 Malayalam II 2
HUM 19SAN101 Sanskrit I 2
HUM 19SAN111 Sanskrit II 2
HUM 19SWK230 Corporate Social Responsibility 2
HUM 19SWK231 Workplace Mental Health 2
HUM 19TAM101 Tamil I 2
HUM 19TAM111 Tamil II 2

Year-wise Curriculum & Syllabus

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