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M. Tech. in Robotics and Automation is a program offered at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri campus.

Robotics, the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots, has become a highly relevant and upcoming discipline. It is being increasingly applied to almost every field of activity including improving the standard of living of humans, handling dangerous and hazardous situations, relieving mankind of repetitive and tiring activities, exploring outer space and performing complex medical procedures. Many industries also use robots in their manufacturing facilities and research. For instance, robots are used in areas like high heat welding and continuous handling of heavy loads. They can function tirelessly even in the most inhospitable working conditions. Owing to this, robots are taking over from man most of the manipulative, hazardous and tedious jobs in factories, mines, atomic plants, spaceships, deep-sea vessels, etc. The automation of work through robotics has led to substantial increase in productivity in these areas.

Given its diverse applications, the robotics field today demands in-depth knowledge of a broad range of disciplines such as electronics, computers, instrumentation and mechanics. A graduate entering the workforce in the area of robotics must be thoroughly familiar with intelligent systems and proficient in computer vision, control systems, and machine learning, as well as the design and programming of robotic systems. Specialization in automation also requires the student to apply a wide range of engineering principles in order to understand, modify or control the manufacture, delivery and maintenance of technology components in a broad range of industries. Graduates must know how to develop and maintain systems that cost-effectively optimise productivity and quality

The Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Robotics and Automation M.Tech. program is unique in that it provides an academic curriculum that pulls from mechanical engineering, electronics and instrumentation engineering and computer science disciplines, exposing the students to the breadth of and interdependence among the engineering disciplines and offering the students exactly what is required to master the technical knowledge required.

This programme will provide a comprehensive educational environment and enable students to gain expertise in next generation robotics and automation systems. By exposing our students to do course work from multiple disciplines and preparing them to think about robotics from a holistic approach, our program will prepare a skilled industry workforce as well as expert researchers who will be able to provide leadership in a world that is increasingly dependent on technology.

Duration : Two years

Eligibility Criteria

  1. B. E. / B. Tech. (Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering) .

Facilities & Infrastructure

  • State of the art Industrial Manipulators: ABB IRB 1600 with integrated Vision system for conveyor tracking, ABB IRB 1520 capable of MIG welding.
  • ROS compatible Husky mobile robot from Clearpath Robotics with GPS, LIDAR and camera
  • Automation hardwares: Allen-Bradley PLC, Allen-Bradley HMI and SCADA, Allen-Bradley Variable Frequency drive, Allen-Bradley Servo-drives, Automation Studio simulation environment.
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic lab with Industrial grade pneumatic and hydraulic components with manual and PLC-relay controls

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Student Achievements

  • Best Paper Award – Abel V. David (2015-17 batch), for the paper titled, "Design and modelling of a cable driven cart-rail robot for farm automation," at 1st International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Instrumentation and Control Technologies, 2017.
  • Best paper Award – Monish Koshy (2016-18 batch), for the paper titled, "Mechanical Design and Analysis of Hybrid Mobile Robot with Aerial and Terrain Locomotion Capability," at the 3rd International Conference on Design, Analysis, Manufacturing and Simulation, April 2018.
  • Best Paper Award – Sarbajith Pal (2017-19 batch), for the paper titled "Design and Analysis of Asymmetric Bellow Pneumatic Flexible Actuator with Optimal Number and Type of Corrugations," at 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Computing Instrumentation and Control Technologies, July 2019.

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