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Book Chapter


Antimicrobial Textiles from Natural Resources, Woodhead Publishing, p.619-651 (2021)





antibacterial activity, Electrospinning, Nanotextiles, Sonochemical method, thermoregulation


The development of sustainable nanotextiles has transfigured the textile industry. Materials having functional applications like protection, antimicrobial activity and medicinal care can be achieved by manipulating the textiles into the nanoregime as well as by incorporating nanobased materials. The incorporation of suitable nanoparticles into fabrics enhances the antimicrobial activity of clothes, leading to a broad range of biomedical applications. The increased surface area of nanomaterials results in the enhanced absorption of light, which results in the degradation of organic matter. Nanotextiles have various other properties like superhydrophobicity, self-cleaning, sensing, odour reduction etc. This chapter tries to bring to light the antibacterial application of nanotextiles giving due importance to the fabrication techniques and their characteristic properties.

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J. S. Jayan, Sethulekshmi, A. S., Gopika Venu, Dr. Saritha A., and Kuruvilla Joseph, “20 - Sustainable nanotextiles: emerging antibacterial fabrics”, in Antimicrobial Textiles from Natural Resources, M. Ibrahim H. Mondal, Ed. Woodhead Publishing, 2021, pp. 619-651.