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Circulation, Volume 117, Number 23, p.e477-e478 (2008)



Abnormalities, arterial tortuosity syndrome, Arteries, artery, artery disease, article, case report, clinical feature, computer assisted tomography, congenital malformation, congenital skin disease, echocardiography, female, Genes, genetic disorder, genetics, human, Humans, imaging, infant, micrognathia, multidetector computed tomography, Multiple, multiple malformation syndrome, muscle hypotonia, palpebral fissure, pathology, phenotype, priority journal, pulmonary artery stenosis, radiography, Recessive, recessive gene, recurrent infection, respiratory tract infection, Skin Abnormalities, skinfold, three dimensional imaging, Three-Dimensional, Tomography, umbilical hernia, vascular disease, Vascular Diseases, X-Ray Computed


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Ga Satish, Nampoothiri, Sa, and Kappanayil, Mab, “Arterial tortuosity syndrome phenotypic features And cardiovascular manifestations”, Circulation, vol. 117, pp. e477-e478, 2008.