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Book Chapter


Hybrid Natural Fiber Composites, Woodhead Publishing, p.253-280 (2021)





Biopolymers, Carbonization, Composites, hybrid, Sensors, Super capacitor


Biopolymers are potential polymeric biomolecules having potential applications in various fields of industry due to the properties of biocompatibility, biodegradability, and renewability. Considering the energy crisis coupled with waste minimization and management that is prevalent in our planet, the utilization of naturally occurring polymers in various high-end applications would be praiseworthy. The surface area and porosity of carbonaceous materials developed from biopolymers and the environmentally friendly nature of biopolymers have made it a vital component in sensing and super capacitance applications. This chapter tries to explore the various carbonization techniques of biopolymers that are prevalent in the synthesis of biopolymer-based carbonaceous composites. Applications of carbonaceous biopolymer composites are also explained in detail with special emphasis on energy storage and sensing applications. The emerging application of these composites as electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials is also discussed.

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J. S. Jayan, Deeraj, B. D. S., Dr. Saritha A., and Kuruvilla Joseph, “Biopolymer-derived carbonaceous composites and their potential applications”, in Hybrid Natural Fiber Composites, A. Khan, Rangappa, S. Mavinkere, Siengchin, S., Jawaid, M., and Asiri, A. M., Eds. Woodhead Publishing, 2021, pp. 253-280.