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Book Chapter


Fiber Reinforced Composites, Woodhead Publishing, p.307-340 (2021)





carbon fiber, Elastomers, Fiber reinforced composites, glass fiber, Mechanical properties


Fiber reinforced materials were a quintessential ingredient in the manufacturing arena of humans since Stone Age. By dispersing the reinforcing fiber in a suitable matrix, novel functional materials could be developed. Carbon fibers and glass fibers are considered as important class of reinforcing fibers in polymer matrices owing to their high strength. Carbon fiber is five times stronger and two times stiffer than steel. Moreover, being a light weight material it is an ideal candidate for many high-end applications. Glass fiber has comparatively less stiffness than other reinforcing fibers, but it possesses the distinct advantage of having high specific strength and is cost effective. Glass fiber is a promising material to be used as a major reinforcement fiber because of its availability and ease of use. Elastomeric polymers are extensively used as matrices in polymer composites, because of their outstanding visco-elastic properties, flexibility and wide choice of fillers. This chapter gives an overview of the evolution, synthesis, mechanical, thermal and visco elastic characteristics of carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced elastomeric composites coupled with their potential applications.

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S. Fathima, Deeraj, B. D. S., Appukuttan, S., and Kuruvilla Joseph, “Carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced elastomeric composites”, in Fiber Reinforced Composites, Kuruvilla Joseph, Oksman, K., George, G., Wilson, R., and Dr. Saritha A., Eds. Woodhead Publishing, 2021, pp. 307-340.