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Conference Paper


Advances in Electrical and Computer Technologies, Springer Singapore, Singapore (2020)




With the advent of electric vehicles, the charging infrastructure provides the backup for the EV penetration in the current automotive world. Currently, the EV charging is dependent on taking power from the conventional grid and transforming it to be suitable to charge the EV batteries. Using conventional grid beats the purpose of using electric vehicles. Also, the impact of charging large number of EV's from the grid is a topic which is still being studied. EV charging in mass is bound to affect the grid parameters such as voltage profile, power fluctuations, harmonic content and can cause unbalance in the AC system, which can severely affect the operation of the AC system. This paper deals with an approach to try and understand these impacts of EV charging on the conventional grid and AC system.

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A. K. Saxena and Dr. K. Deepa, “DC Micro-Grid-Based Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - Part 1”, in Advances in Electrical and Computer Technologies, Singapore, 2020.