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Conference Paper


Advances in Electrical and Computer Technologies, Springer Singapore, Singapore (2020)




<p>With the advent of electric vehicles, the charging infrastructure provides the backup for the EV penetration in the current automotive world. Fast charging is one such concept of providing a means to charge EV's within a matter of minutes. The development in the concept of DC micro-grids has enhanced the charging operation of electric vehicles and has reduced the charging time. This paper proposes a charging infrastructure that deals with isolating the power requirement from the grid and supplies the power for EV charging through a DC micro-grid via a set of converters to transform the power from one level to another. As an emergency case, the grid is also kept into picture to supply power only in case of emergencies, and the operation is explained in part 1 of this paper. Use of this DC micro-grid for charging infrastructure ensures optimal usage of available power and charging time.</p>

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A. K. Saxena and Dr. K. Deepa, “DC Micro-Grid-Based Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure–-Part 2”, in Advances in Electrical and Computer Technologies, Singapore, 2020.