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Indian Journal of Nephrology, Volume 22, Number 6, p.462-465 (2012)



adult, antibiotic therapy, appetite disorder, article, azathioprine, case report, computer assisted tomography, coughing, cyclosporin, Doppler flowmetry, fever, hospital admission, human, immunosuppressive treatment, invasive candidiasis, kidney function, kidney graft rejection, kidney transplantation, living donor, male, microscopy, mycophenolic acid 2 morpholinoethyl ester, prednisolone, proteinuria, sputum analysis, transesophageal echocardiography, ultrasound, urinalysis


Although mucocutaneous candidiasis is a common infection in renal transplant recipients, disseminated candidiasis is rare. Candida pnemonia causing miliary mottling on X-ray chest with the central nervous system involvement is still rarer. We report an unusual case with disseminated candidiasis that presented 18 years after renal transplantation and improved on conventional antifungal therapy; the relevant literature is reviewed.


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Ka Bismay, Mathew, Aa, Rajesh, Ra, Kurian, Ga, Unni, V. Na, Kavita, R. Db, and Sreehari, Sc, “Disseminated candidiasis 18 years after renal transplantation”, Indian Journal of Nephrology, vol. 22, pp. 462-465, 2012.