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Book Chapter


Hybrid Natural Fiber Composites, Woodhead Publishing, p.225-252 (2021)





biopolymer, Cellulose, Electrospinning, Lignin, PCL, PLA


Nanofibers prepared from electrospinning technique has proved their efficiency and effectiveness in a wide spectrum of applications including filtration, biomedical field, energy storage, and conversion protective coating, EMI shielding, etc., Especially, electrospun fibers from biopolymers are value-added materials as their source is from nature or they degrade without causing hazardous situation to the environment. The high surface area, high aspect ratio, and surface functionalization make these nanofibers remarkable among others. This chapter describes electrospinning and discusses the properties and performance of biopolymer nanofibers and their composites fabricated through the electrospinning technique. The chapter deals with a general description of few polymers like cellulose, lignin, polycaprolactone (PCL), polylactide (PLA) together with a few applications in biomedical, mechanical reinforcement, etc.

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B. D. S. Deeraj, Jayan, J. S., Dr. Saritha A., and Kuruvilla Joseph, “Electrospun biopolymer-based hybrid composites”, in Hybrid Natural Fiber Composites, A. Khan, Rangappa, S. Mavinkere, Siengchin, S., Jawaid, M., and Asiri, A. M., Eds. Woodhead Publishing, 2021, pp. 225-252.