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Journal Article


NCC 2009, p.285 - 289 (2009)



This work proposes a method for synthesizing expressive speech from the given neutral speech. The neutral speech is processed by the Linear Prediction (LP) analysis to extract LP coefficients (LPCs) and LP residual. The LP residual is subjected to prosodic modification using the pitch, duration and amplitude parameters of the target expression. The LPCs of the neutral speech are replaced with that of the target expression using the Dynamic Time Warping (DTW). The synthesized speech using prosody modified LP residual and replaced LPCs sounds like the target expression speech. This can also be observed by the waveform, spectrogram and objective measures.

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D. Govind and Prasanna, S. R. M., “Expressive speech synthesis using prosodic modification and dynamic time warping”, NCC 2009, pp. 285 - 289, 2009.