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USA (1999)


A device and method for ?ash evaporating a reagent includes an evaporation chamber that' houses a dome ~on WhlCh evaporation occurs. The dome is solid and of high thermal conductivity and mass, and may be heated to a temperature suf?cient to vaporize a speci?c reagent. The reagent is supplied from an external source to the dome through a noZZle, and may be supplied as a continuous Stream, as a Shower, and as discrete drops_ Acarrier gas may be introduced into the evaporation Chamber and Create a vortex ?ow therewithin, After evaporation, the gas vapor may be removed from the evaporation chamber through a regulating valve to a reaction chamber. Another embodiment of the invention includes a plurality of evaporating domes that separately receive reagent, and may receive reagents of differing composition.

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Dr. Sasangan Ramanathan, Desu S. B., and Suchicital C.A., “Flash Evaporator (Granted)”, 1999.

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