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Journal Article


Signal & Image Processing:An International Journal (SIPIJ), Volume 3, Issue 4, p.85-93 (2012)



Inpainting is the technique of reconstructing unknown or damaged portions of an image in a visually plausible way. Inpainting algorithm automatically fills the damaged region in an image using the information available in undamaged region. Propagation of structure and texture information becomes a challenge as the size of damaged area increases. In this paper, a hierarchical inpainting algorithm using wavelets is proposed. The hierarchical method tries to keep the mask size smaller while wavelets help in handling the high pass structure information and low pass texture information separately. The performance of the proposed algorithm is tested using different factors. The results of our algorithm are compared with existing methods such as interpolation, diffusion and exemplar techniques.

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Dr. Padmavathi S., Priyalakshmi, B., and K. P. Soman, “Hirarchical Digital Image Inpainting Using Wavelets”, Signal & Image Processing:An International Journal (SIPIJ), vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 85-93, 2012.