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Journal Article


IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Volume 5, p.46-56 (2013)



Nowadays process management is a tedious task in the industry. We plan to propose a LabVIEW based intelligent multi parameter monitoring system designed using RS232 and Microcontroller aids in the measurement and control of various Global Parameters. For data collection in the industry is a difficult task in real time execution of events with industrial process control and automation. We proposed two slaves for measuring various industrial parameters to monitor and control industrial process. Data acquired from each slave is processed and sent to Master that compile data received from different slaves and send this information to the system configured with LabVIEW platform. This enables us to view and track the online changes encountered in the particular parameter of all the parameters. One of the main advantages of this proposal is, it allows us to view all the parameter readings simultaneously on the front panel in LabVIEW. The Graph drawn on the front panel keeps on tracking the changes on the parameter. The parameters supported by this project includes: current, voltage, temperature, frequency, light intensity, logic switches, water level identifier, and alarm. This Project can be implemented in any of the process industries where there is a need for Simultaneous and fast acquiring of data and control.

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S. .Venkatlakshmi, .Venkatlakshmi, S., Revathi, S., Arul, E. M. S., and Paramasivam C., “Industrial Process Management Using LabVIEW”, IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering, vol. 5, pp. 46-56, 2013.