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Journal Article


International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 9, Number 20, p.8089-8096 (2014)



There is eventually a transition from traditional libraries to digital libraries; there can also be a transition from digital library to recommended digital library. This paper proposes a better way to facilitate user search process and recommend books based on past library usage and similar users interest. We create the library recommendation system using Apriori algorithm and Collaborative Filtering (CF). Apriori algorithm produces the association rules which can be applied for large database. Collaborative filtering Algorithm is used to recommend the books of similar user profiles. For a recommendation system, data collection, processing data in addition with user data is required, where user ratings plays a crucial role. Automatizing the support count estimation in Apriori algorithm can be done to improve the efficiency of the system as a future work.

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B. Shriladha, Magudeswaran, S., Sini Raj P., and Subathra P., “Library Book Recommendation System using CF-Apriori Algorithm”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 9, pp. 8089-8096, 2014.