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Conference Paper


Smart Systems and IoT: Innovations in Computing, Springer Singapore, Singapore (2020)




Wireless personal networks such as infrared, Bluetooth, or wireless local area networks such as Wi-Fi or a combination of both are widely used for navigation. Real-world deployment of these systems offers various challenges. In this work, we propose a localization and indoor navigation solution using short range, low-energy Bluetooth-emitting devices, called ``Beacons'', which are used for identifying the location of different structures based on its position. An experimental analysis for effective placement of beacons, the data structures used, and the algorithm that would assist in navigation are discussed in detail. The algorithm is realized as a self-sufficient navigation solution for visually impaired using an Android application

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B. Nagarajan, Shanmugam, V., Anantha Narayanan V., and P. Sivakumar, B., “Localization and Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired Using Bluetooth Low Energy”, in Smart Systems and IoT: Innovations in Computing, Singapore, 2020.