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Journal Article


Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, Volume 74, Number 3, p.401-410 (1994)


benzofurans, deprotection, isomemation, Low-valent titanium, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Reduction


During the course of our work on the synthesis of bioactive compounds, new low-valent titanium (LVT)- mediated reactions were discovered. These include: i) a short synthesis of oxygen heterocycles via intramolecular reductive deoxygenation between ketone and ester functions in aromatic systems, ii) an unusual ortho-hydroxyl-assisted reduction/isomerisation of aromatic alkenes, iii) reductive dealkoxylation of aryl alkyl ethers, iv) one-pot synthesis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from o-alkoxy aromatic aldehydes/ketones involving reductive deoxygenation, reductive dealkoxylation and intramolecular C-C coupling in tandem, v) a novel approach to the deprotection of allyl, propargyl and benzyl ethers of alcohols and phenols and N-benzyl/allyl amines, and vi) modulation of the activity of LVT reagent by nitrogen heterocycles. Mechanism and synthetic implications of these reactions are discussed.

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S. K. Nayak, Kadam, S. M., Talukdar, S., and Banerji, A., “Low-valent titanium: New synthetic applications (Invited contribution)”, Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, vol. 74, pp. 401-410, 1994.