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Journal of Communications, Engineering and Technology Publishing, Volume 12, Number 9, p.524-531 (2017)



Mobile social networks are applications or platforms that allow mobile users to communicate or interact with each other. Statistical surveys show that almost 80% of people are involved in such kind of networking. This paper gives an overview of recent related works contributed in Mobile social networks. Earlier sections of this paper deals with basic details of Mobile social networks regarding: types, characteristics, applications and usage. Following sections are comprised of details on architecture and architectural components of Mobile social networks, privacy and security issues, challenges and some existing solutions. At the end, some proposed privacy and security solutions and future directions are discussed and suggested on Mobile social networking. © 2017 Journal of Communications.


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V. R. Vidhya Lakshmi and T. Kumar, G., “Mobile social networks: Architecture, privacy, security issues and solutions”, Journal of Communications, vol. 12, pp. 524-531, 2017.