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Journal Article


Child's Nervous System, Volume 28, Number 11, p.1835-1836 (2012)



Arnold Chiari malformation, Arnold-Chiari Malformation, aspiration pneumonia, Blood pressure, case report, child, controlled study, decompression surgery, disease association, female, foramen magnum, human, Humans, hypertension, incidental finding, infant, letter, male, medulla oblongata, meningomyelocele, neurogenic vasomotor instability, newborn, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, pathophysiology, preschool child, priority journal, reticularis rostroventrolateralis nucleus, school child, vasomotor disorder, ventrolateral medulla oblongata


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S. Udayakumaran and Panikar, D., “Neurogenic vasomotor instability and Chiari malformation”, Child's Nervous System, vol. 28, pp. 1835-1836, 2012.