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Conference Proceedings


International CMG Conference 2013, Computer Measurement group, p.1-24 (2013)



Page 1. 1 Performance Extrapolation across Servers Subhasri Duttagupta
Page 2. 2 Why do performance extrapolation across servers? What are the techniques for extrapolation? – SPEC-Rates of servers – Single user service-demand based technique What information is required for extrapolation? How the strategies perform for real applications?
Page 3. 3 Why use Performance Extrapolation?
Predict Performance of an application from Test to Production platform
Predict performance for a large number of users – Not enough virtual user licenses Page

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S. Duttagupta, Virk, R. S., and Khanapurkar, A., “Performance Extrapolation across Servers”, International CMG Conference 2013. Computer Measurement group, pp. 1-24, 2013.