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Conference Proceedings


Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier, Volume 93, Rajagiri School of Engineering and TechnologyKochi; India, p.878-885 (2016)



Embedding efficiency, Frequency domain analysis, Image steganography, Least significant bits, Matrix algebra, Mean square error, Mean squared error, Peak signal to noise ratio, Performance measure, PSNR, Signal to noise ratio, Spatial and frequency domain, Steganography


This paper is based on image steganography that is Least Significant Bits (LSB) techniques on images to enhance the security of the communication. The LSB-based technique is the most challenging one because it is difficult to differentiate between the cover-object and stego-object, if few LSB bits of the cover object are replaced. The LSB approach combined with F5 algorithm and matrix embedding which is applied on both spatial and frequency domain of an image. The Mean squared error (MSE) and Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) was used as the performance measure to compare the different LSB techniques. This paper shows that MSE and PSNR of LSB techniques with Matrix embedding yields better results.


cited By 0; Conference of 6th International Conference On Advances In Computing and Communications, ICACC 2016 ; Conference Date: 6 September 2016 Through 8 September 2016; Conference Code:131418

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Malathi P. and Dr. Gireesh K. T., “Relating the Embedding Efficiency of LSB Steganography Techniques in Spatial and Transform Domains”, Procedia Computer Science, vol. 93. Elsevier, Rajagiri School of Engineering and TechnologyKochi; India, pp. 878-885, 2016.